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Funeral Bouquet

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Dutch Master Florist Diny Blom

Flower artist Diny Blom has been working from her studio in the heart of Gouda since 1991. Workshop, store and training center in one. And if necessary available 24/7 for custom made flower arrangements. But also a last minute birthday bouquet or a farewell flower arrangement.

Professional training

Recognized floral artist Diny Blom is the creative brain of BlomAtelier. Besides special flower work on commission, they can provide professional training.

Dutch Master Florist Diny Blom

Reviews of our clients

What a lovely comments I received on your flower creations, it was really great! Everything fell into place.


Diny thanks for your creative fast service. This gave me a lot of peace that I needed to know at that time.


Latest news

DP World Flower Arranging Challenge | Dutch Open 2022


Can golfers master the art of flower arranging? DP World play a key role in the floral supply chain to enable the safe transport of beautiful bouquets around the world. We celebrated the Dutch Open this week by delivering tulips to DP World Tour players and tasking them with creating their own floral arrangements.

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