Dutch Flower Stylist for exam DFA system

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The course Dutch Flower stylist  is meant for everyone who wants to learn the basic professional skills of flower arranging.

The training is aimed at persons who want to prepare themselves for working at a flower shop or who are already being employed in this line of business. Moreover, many people who want to qualify professionally make use of the training, starting from hobby and a growing interest for flower arranging in general.



More than a flower school!
Training at Blomatelier is more than going to a flower school. People of at least 34 different nationalities have already come and studied with Diny Blom. Her drive, expertise and creative enthusiasm have led many students to a higher level of floral design.

Beside International Florist Training Center we are an atelier, shop and gallery. We specialise in unique floral designs for weddings, funerals and companies. We are also well known for our inspiring workshops and fashion flower events and amazing fieldtrips. Sometimes Diny will offer you the opportunity to join in and gain extra practical and creative experience.Diny speaks beside Dutch, English and German.


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System of Dutch Flower Arranger (DFA1)

In this first course BASIC DUTCH FLOWERSTYLIST. This is a coorperation between Blomatelier and Clusius College. We work in the system of Dutch Flower Arranger (DFA1) Master Florist Diny Blom teaches you all the basic skills you need as a professional florist and flower arranger.

As a beginner or enthousiastic floraholic you will develop your personal creativity and skills. This training is aimed at preparing beginner florists for the workplace. So if you are considering a career change into floristry and are talented contact Diny!

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Content of training – floral design basics

In this course we use the method and books of DFA (Dutch Flower Arranger) and our own Blomatelier flowerguide as a guideline.

Also we use youtube and books from our large International Florist library for training. And the most important is training on the job .. to practice and keep practicing to gain skills and speed.

Floral Design Certification

The training consists 40 lessons of 4 – 5 hours and 10 extra practice days in a Dutch Flowershop or training on the job at Blomatelier. Assisting on projects. The more you study the better results you will have.
Floral Design Certification
Flower Arranger (DFA) 1 exam takes place at the wellknown Clusius College in Alkmaar together with other Dutch students in July 15-2023

Reasons to study at Blomatelier

  • Gaining new experience and solid basic techniques.
  • Study over 200 flowernames on regular tests.
  • Test on the chapters of the DFA 1 book.
  • Study tasks on youtube & instagram.
  • Trips to trendy florist & flower events like
  • Fleur Amour Belgium & IPM Essen
  • Check out our International florist library with over 300 art books
  • Get inspiration to visit musea and creative events.
  • Share ideas with other students from all over the world.
  • Fieldtrips to auction and famous wholesalers
  • To our favorite grower Henk in Boskoop for amazing branches.
  • Assist on company designs & client projects on request.
  • Plant knowledge and care.
  • Hands on shop experience and opportunity to create for clients under supervision.
  • Benefits from joint venture Blomatelier versus Clusius College
  • Personal approach….incase you miss a lesson come back another time.

Blomatelier & Clusius College Exam Training

Most of the training will be held at Blomatelier, however some of the preparation towards the exam will take place at Alkmaar towards exam on July  15 2023 or in July 2024.
Diny Blom will coach you towards this exam and help you to achieve the next level.

The test requirements for the examination according to the DFA 1 system  are related to the fundamental skills necessary for a binder / arranger in The Netherlands. It concerns classic floral work as well as arrangements of modern design, generally with ample use of flowers.

The training covers the whole range of the speciality at elementary level. It aims at being able to compose floral designs .
The application of various techniques is important, e.g.:

• wire technique, binding technique
• pinning , weaving  technique
• oasis technique
• gluing technique

Moreover, it goes without saying that the candidate becomes sufficiently acquainted with the use, the application and the care of flowers and plants which can be found in professional practice and of aids and materials, necessary to be able to make a good flower arrangement.

Also we are sustainable florist and trainingcenter and will teach you to work like that and share this knowledge.

Also regarding a safe workplace.

The examination consists of a practice test of 5 pieces of work tested at the closing of the training.
For the examination a choice is made from a large number of subjects mentioned in the examination regulation. Among other things:
• vase and / or plate arrangement
• table decoration
• funeral arrangement
• bridal bouquet with frame
• hand tied bouquets etc.

When marked the technique will be the most important element. When an arrangement is technically sound the final mark will almost always be sufficient, provided the candidate stuck to the examination assignment.

The practice examination may be taken in one go during the examination with open registration, examined by
teachers of Clusius and by an official Certified European Judge.

Training fee for students living in the Netherlands

for weekly lessons on tuesday thursday friday and saturdays of 4 – 5 hours each.

The training costs of € 5950.–payed in monthly terms and € 500.– cash on examday at Clusius Alkmaar.

Included in the fee are  all the  lessons with the most beautiful flowers Holland has to offer, trainingguide DFA1 studybook, lunch, personal coaching , fieldtrips to Holland and Belgium florists events.Including the best flowers selection Holland has to offer.  Containers can be used  freely and returned later. .YOu will recieve the diploma in English and a certificate from Blomatelier with all the studied subjects from the whole period.

Working on the job experience.

For individual talented and positive students from abroad  we offer personal training  5 day -work experience at other florist companies, fieldtrips, visits to exhibitions and florist events and examination training and exam. All great materials and the best flowers Holland has to offer. DFA1 and DFA2 studybooks and your personal flowerguide to study 400 flowernames.
Contact Diny for the possibilities.

You can organise your own accomodation , we have a deal with the Best Western but can also book your own Airbnb.


We are happy to help you with a good deal.



Certificate & diploma

Candidates who passed the examination will receive the practice certificate and diploma Dutch Flower Stylist in DFA system   from the Clusius College the Netherlands.
And a certificate of Blomatelier International Florist trainingcenter with all the studied subjects & extra projects.

Interested in the training? Contact your coach Diny