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Our 1 -2 or 3 week creative  floral design training  is personalised with Dutch Master Florist and Coach Diny Blom.

Blomatelier is more than a flower school ! It is atelier gallery and weekend shop in one.. a great concept to learn and grow and for all try and do !!


Diny has been teaching and working  all over the world and sharing her knowledge with over 45 different nationalities in Blomatelier. I have been sharing my passion and knowledge with :

  • Florists
  • Teachers
  • Flower-lovers.
  • career switch to floristry


Why join our Dutch Floral design training?

Dutch Master Florist and international coach, Diny Blom will be your teacher. Over 44 nationalities found the way to Blomatelier. Her renowned BLOMATELIER is more than a floral design school. It is an international training-center where she shares her experience and creative ideas with students from all over the world. She also creates her stunning floral designs for both companies and private clients. Diny is a dynamic coach and her drive, expertise and creative enthusiasm have led many students to a higher level.


Learning new techniques like binding, wiring, gluing, knotting, weaving.

  • Create designs from your bucket list from handtied bouquets to trendy flower designs
  • Gain new experiences with Dutch Master Florist Diny Blom
  • Hands-on florist experience to help with shop and company design
  • Fieldtrip to Auction and famous wholesalers to select your flowers
  • Opportunity of buying at the wholesalers for florist prices.
  • Study your personal training guide with over 200 flower names.
  • Floral design cleaning tips & tricks from Diny
  • Check out our International florist library with over 300 art books
  • Experience florist on the job in our: atelier- shop- & training-center.
  • Gain wrapping experience.
midweek training flower

Week training Dutch Floral Design

4 days of training:
Monday start at 13.00h, full days on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 – 17.00h.
Wednesday till 13.00h, free time in the afternoon. Fieldtrip wholesaler either on wednesdaymorning or thursdaymorning early.
Certificate hand-out on Friday afternoon.

Training includes:
4 days of training, fieldtrip to the wholesalers, all flowers and materials, training,
pick-up from Gouda-station, study-book DFA system, personal training-guide.

This week training can be offered in 3 levels:
beginner (B), intermediate (I) or advanced (A).

Training is for max 2 individual students per week.

Offered training:

A. Dutch Floral Design Basics, level (B) (I)
About effective flower (cleaning ) tips and tricks, handtied bouquets,
classic & trendy shop floral designs and vase bouquets. Corsages

B. Handtied bouquets & shop floral designs, level (B) (I) (A)
Modern, classical and Bohemian style. Commercial and creative and with your personal signature.

C. Organic floral design, level (I) (A)
Designs that are sustainable and organic. Wood sculptures, branches, use of shells and more organic treasures of Diny’s private stock room.

D. Wedding floral design, level (I) (A)
Handtied and wired wedding bouquet with glue technique, special corsages.
Decorations for table, car and cake. Bohemian style garden wedding ideas.

E. Fashion floral design, level (I) (A)
Create unique pieces of art with a selection of techniques like wiring , gluing,
threading, weaving, plaiting. Different corsages for wrist, hat, shoulder and frame bouquets.

F. Historical designs in a modern coat level (I) (A)
Wreaths, classical floral designs with the 2022 touch. Inspiring and unique.

G. Large space floral design, level (A) 

Special designs for companies, hotel lobby, exhibitions. Including  fieldtrips and working experience at large event companies.

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