The Creative Dutch Master Florist
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Diny Blom

Born among flowers

I  was born among flowers in the Netherlands in 1961; almost between my father’s greenhouse and flowerbeds. Not surprisingly, I followed in his footsteps and became a professional florist, completing my education with the prestigious Master Florist Degree in Utrecht.
6 weeks after I went on to work in leading flower shops and hotels all over the world, lucky to shared my vast knowledge of Dutch flower design with both staff and students: Kevin O’Neill in Melbourne, Daniël Ost in Brussels, the Sydney Opera House, Denver, Singapore, the Hilton in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto and other exciting places. Later on I worked also as a flower shop manager in Australia, Germany and Switzerland.

Blomatelier: Floral studio,atelier & shop & workshop

Since 1991 I now run  Blomatelier, an international Florist Training centre, gallery and flower studio in one. It is located in the historical heart of Gouda, the Netherlands, only an hour away from Amsterdam. Here I create  stunning floral pieces for both local and nation-wide companies and private clients. It is also the workshop and training centre where I shares my experience and creative ideas with students from all over the world.

International Florist Training Centre

People of some 23 different nationalities have already come and studied with me. My drive, expertise and creative enthusiasm have led many students to a higher level of floral design and many started own companies.  As is a dynamic coach, I believe that each student is talented and has different needs and goals to focus on. Together we design a programme and the student can also select and work with the best flowers Holland has to offer and learn about all new floral treasures.

Certified European Judge Floristry & Creative Floraholic

In addition, I has judged many floral competitions, as a certified European Judge Floristry. Both in Gouda and in the Netherlands my Blomatelier is well known for  unique fashion floral design costumes and other dynamic floral designs, that I had the priveledge to has shown not only at the prestigious Hortifair Amsterdam, but also in Switzerland, St.Petersburg, Kyoto, Nottingham and Tel Aviv. Besides being a creative floral designer, I am also a free and entrepreneurial spirit, who continues to work on all sorts of resourceful projects involving flowers. My friends and collegues call me a true “floraholic”.


Boost your business or event with floral design

I helps businesses, groups and individuals by adding quality and value to their important events and moments, such as:

– Floral catwalks to boost a product presentation, or to grace the highlight of your event

– Learning and creative fun experiences for teams and groups

­- Theme based floral design demonstrations for professionals and flower-clubs

– Funerals and memorial ceremonies

– Weddings and celebrations

– Floral design to grace and inspire your event

I  help  to make my clients events  more meaningful with unique  costum floral creations and  sharing my knowledge with my students, both for Dutch and international students. And I only works with the best  flowers and  materials mother nature has to offer.

Should you wish to book please contact me directly. +31653939699

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